15 May 2009 @ 9:22 PM 

It can get pretty frustrating coming up with a “name” that just fits someone just perfectly.  A few years ago I was commuting with a pretty darn big redneck women who I work with and we got along like … well, not so good.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as redneck at the core but something about me just isn’t too much interested in being a “cowboy” and I have a tendency to fancy myself with nice and expensive things.  I talk slow, I don’t curse, and I believe in the bible – cause I grew up in the south and in the heart of the bible belt.

One day, I showed up at the Park & Ride where we met and with her not-so-usual happy self my carpool mate said… you are just weird.  I was taken aback a bit and was like I’m going to knock this women’s head off but then I thought about that story I would tell to my dad and that just went by the waste side…so I just dreamed it.  The clarity though is she had a prolong delay before continuing that sentence which said…”because you talk like a redneck, sometimes resemble a redneck, but you have lots of yuppie in you as well.” 

With a grin from ear-to-ear, I couldn’t help but say, “did you just say I’m a yuppie redneck?”  That day I retired my www.ca4ukinwa.com and said hello www.yuppieredneck.com.


Welcome to my world…

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On this relaxing three-day weekend, the Yuppie family spent some time together and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest weather.  For the HeadYuppie, I spent the weekend catching up on some Tivo (the greatest invention in the world) as well as some Netflix movies which were “queued” up both via DVD & streaming.

This is the second Memorial day since losing my Father and this day has all the reminders of what I missed so much about my dad.  He was an incredible, Patriotic man who spent 20+ years of his life in the military (Army) and training our troops for Vietnam & post-Vietnam wars until 1988.

Nonetheless, I just want to say “Kudo’s” to all the military and their loved ones out there and let them know that this YuppieRedneck has the utmost respect for what they are providing my family.

Happy Memorial Day 2009!

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